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The Daily Soapbox is a collaborative blog, with no political editorial line. In other words, if you want to write for us, you’re welcome, as long as you can write.

Any submissions by aspiring writers should be emailed to dingdongalistic (at) googlemail (dot) com

A few house rules regarding publishing procedure:

House Rules:

  1. Publishing: Articles should be published after a system of peer review, to prevent serious errors being passed over by the author (which can quite easily happen). Grossly offensive (racism etc.), personally insulting and libellous comment are not allowed (a good guide to Libel is here). If you are unsure consult your peer reviewer or an admin.
  2. Titles: Please do not make titles too long, for obvious reasons. There doesn’t need to be any prescription about this, just common sense.
  3. Authorship: We encourage (but do not require) authors to include their name or a pseudonym with the article, either in the title or underneath it, centred and bold. However, if an author would prefer anonymity, this is permissible.
  4. Tags: Due to an issue with the theme, tags appear “up the top” of an article. This means that with too many tags, articles can look “messy” and presentation is compromised. In an ideal situation, the list of tags should not be particularly bigger than the title of the article itself. For this reason we believe it would be sensible to keep to a limit of 25 tags per article if possible.
  5. Categories: If you wish to categorise your article, please check to see whether it comes under an existing category before creating a new one. As a rule of thumb, 9/10 times it probably will do. Also bear in mind that often new categories will need to go under “parent” ones: for example “Europe” would go under “Foreign Affairs”.
  6. Excerpts: You do not need to create these, although if you want to by all means do. They aren’t useful for much, as the theme doesn’t display them, but they make facebook links to articles look more professional.

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